Why You Should Try Fencing

Let’s get the boring part of this conversation out of the way first.

Me:  You should try fencing
You:  Fencing?  Like the wiggly, stabby, sword game?
Me:  Sure, if that’s easier for you to wrap your head around.
You:  Yeah… I guess that might be fun.  I never considered it.
Me:  I gathered.

Great. That’s done with. Now, if for some reason you’re here looking for home landscaping business tips you should just keep clicking. They’re here somewhere.

But if you’re that person who wants to know why they should try fencing, good for you! Here are the big reasons, short and sweet.

Exercise, Brain Work, and Weirdly Awesome Feelings

Fencing gets your feet moving, your brain firing, and your heart racing.

  • Move your legs a lot,  you’ll improve your cardio, big-time! Not to mention that your legs will get a lot stronger and you’ll work your core (six-pack not guaranteed).
  • Force yourself to learn a new and challenging skill, man! Most people’s brains are stuck in a rut, but fencing makes you think outside of the box. You’d be surprised at how many other things you can overcome all because you know how to stab people!
  • Never mind the strange joy that comes from stabbing someone in the neck…or chest…or pretty much anywhere with a metal rod. That’s just a bonus perk of the game (okay, it’s the main perk)

(That’s what stabbing people feels like. What other reason do you need to try fencing?)

Deep down inside, you know that’s why you’re here, so why are you putting off that free trial lesson? Let’s get real: you’ve got some hang-ups, some lame reason you haven’t taken the leap yet. So, let’s move on to the real reason you showed up today:

Knocking down your lame excuses

You know you’ve got them. We all do. Especially when it comes to making time for new things.

(And worse when that thing makes you all smelly and stuff)

But you’re not lame, right?  You are a good and curious reader with an indomitable will.  You will make it through this article, sign up for your free trial lesson, and show that weak and fluffy part of your brain who’s boss. Take a deep breath and get ready for your first opponent: Yourself.

But everyone’s gonna be better than me!

Yup every single person will be, but what does that have to do with anything? Were you an obsessed Valedictorian or something? Grow up with a Tiger Mom? I’m guessing, probably not.  Which means one thing… you’ve been surrounded by people who are better than you at things your whole life. Yet, you’ve managed to do enough with what you have and that makes you mighty. Besides, tomorrow will be someone else’s “first day” and so will the day after. Finally one day just like that, you’re a salty old sword master.

Excuse #1:  Parried

But don’t I need like…the stuff?

You’ve got the stuff, champ. You just need the gear. Lucky for you (at least here at Swordplay LA), we’ve got everything you could possibly need! Whatever it is about your size, shape, or age that you think we can’t accommodate, throw those garbage thoughts away!

Now keep them there.  No one wants your trash fingers all over the community jacket rack.

Besides, nothing will cure that poor self-esteem like hearing how smart you look in our fencing gear from all your attractive* new fencing friends.

(An actual fencer, and an actual fencer’s girlfriend.  No Joke.)

Excuse #2:  Ran off the strip

*It could happen.

Seriously, I’m grown. What am I really gonna get out of fencing?

Stabbed, mostly.

In all honesty you’re right. You’re probably not going to the Olympics and you may never even compete outside of our club.

You’re also not going for gold in the local Mr./Miss Universe pageant, but you’ve probably managed to convince yourself to buy a gym membership at some point, right? Sang a karaoke song without having a record deal? Then why let something silly such as “realistic aspirations” stop you from taking up fencing? Those never got anyone, anywhere, but exactly where they expected.

Not you though reader, you take the road less traveled.

You see the value in vigorous cardio exercise. The focus and control that comes with mental and physical self-discipline.

The elation that comes from stabbing a guy with a wiggly metal stick. You just get it.

Excuse #3:  Red Card…ed

(Also, fencing is a lifelong sport. You officially have no reason not to try fencing.)

Get in here already and learn something new! All the contact info you need so sign up for your free trial lesson is right here.

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