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Class Pricing

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Swordplay Membership

Includes use of all studio equipment, unlimited use of the facility during times that the club is open, electric equipment and classes ranging from beginner to advanced, from children to adults and in all 3 weapons, foil, saber and epee.

Class Membership Cost

$110.00 Unlimited classes.  Go to as many classes as you would like to each month.
$90.00 Buddy Dues, Unlimited Classes.  If a friend or family member signed up with you they get $20 per month discount.

Unlimited use of all classes that are in your age range  (exception is the competition class)
Unlimited use of open floor fencing (during regular business hours)
Unlimited use of equipment (standard and electric)

Private Instruction

Single 30 minute private lesson
$22.00 basic private lesson price. (some instructors have a higher rate)
$60.00 club membership when taking ONLY private lessons and not paying class dues.

Semi Private lessons 2 students taking a 30 minute private lesson together
(Prices reflect the entire cost for both students)
$34.00 basic private lesson price.
$80.00 (split between 2 people) monthly club membership dues   

Unlimited use of the studio for open floor fencing.
Unlimited use of equipment, standard and electric  

Competition Classes

$165 one, one and a half hour class per week.  Class stress exercise, focus, concentration, balance and footwork.  High emphasis on everything needed to be a competitor.

Stage Combat

Is also included in the monthly membership dues.  Both weekly Combat classes are “Drop in classes.  That means that they are not an ongoing class, but rather people of all skill levels can be in the class at any time.

Learn Tim Weske’s system of movement as it pertains to combat for film and stage.

See Tim Weske’s resume at: www.fights2film.com 

Drop in Classes

Come to class when you can.  These classes are ongoing and have new people coming to class every week.
Adult combat classes for stage & screen are $20 per class for adults and $15 per class for kids.


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Discount Coupons Gift Certificates