Swordplay Fencing & Fitness Studio

Fencing Instructors

Tim Weske

Tim Weske opened Swordplay Fencing Studio in 1992. He has been an instructor in foil since 1984. He started developing his method of theatrical combat years before becoming an instructor. Through the years Mr. Weske has trained thousands of students (both in theatrical and competitive fencing) and choreographed hundreds of fights. (FOIL, ALL THEATRICAL COMBAT WEAPONS)

Adam Conn

Adam Conn comes from Ohio, and has been teaching fencing at swordplay since 2008 and loves teaching fencing to people of all ages and skills. He is currently in training to become a black belt in tae kwon do and training in kickboxing.  He comes from a strong musical theatre background. Adam currently teaches the adult light saber class.


Atticus has been fencing for many years, and is a product of Swordplay LA.  His classes are fantastic for beginners, and he loves getting adults into the sport.  If you're looking for a fun new hobby, a relaxed environment, and to break a sweat, Atticus is the instructor for you!

Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell has eight years of experience competing in Olympic Saber. A graduate from New York University, he consistently competed at Nationals and Junior Olympics, most notably ranking 17th in Div. 1A Nationals ’08 and PCSF Junior Champion ‘05. To him, Fencing is a fun mental and physical game that he is thrilled to teach to his students

Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox had his first taste of fencing in 1988, when Tim Weske was teaching at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, but didn't get serious about it until 1992, when Tim first opened Swordplay. Brad has studied under both Tim Weske and Al Carter at Swordplay and is a USFA gold medalist in foil. Brad teaches private lessons and classes for children and adults, as well as the competition classes, which are geared to getting students ready to compete in and win competitions. (FOIL)

Edward Gust

Edward Gust met Tim Weske in 2002 on the set of Master & Commander. He learned stage combat from Tim on the job and in 2008 he decided to return to hone his skills. Edward is a perpetual student who is always adding to his skill set, whether in martial arts, horseback riding, or walking on stilts.

George Radai

George Radai was a collegiate champion foil fencer at CSUN from 1980 to 1985 and competed for years after in local tournaments, training with a number of various coaches, until earning a national ranking of "C".  Since then, he has coached numerous teens and adults in both competitive Foil and Epee, with remarkable results.  He takes a very strategic approach, training beginners through advanced fencers to use a clean, precise, effective style of competitive combat. Enthusiasm and support for his students is George's main thrust, no pun intended!

Mary Spohn

Mary Spohn began her fencing career at Swordplay in 1998. At the age of 5, she took her first, foil lesson with Tim Weske. It was during those early lessons where Mary found her passion for fencing. Fast forward, over the next four years Mary proceeded to accelerate in the competitive program. By the age of 9, Mary was competing in both regional and national competitions. At age 10, Mary was ranked number 5 nationally in her age group and awarded several national medals. Over the course of the next 8 years Mary was consistently ranked as one of the top women foil fencers in the country. Her years of hard work and notable accomplishments earned her a scholarship at Northwestern University.  Known throughout the Midwest Conference as one of the top Division 1 fencing programs in the country Mary embraced Northwestern Collegiate Athletics and in her first year celebrated a Midwest Conference Chapmpionship with her team.  Junior year she was Captain of the Foil squad and then Senior year, voted overall Team Captain. Mary now returns to her roots at Swordplay to inspire fencing enthusiasts looking to excel in the sport of fencing. 

Ryan Cook Ryan Cook
Sam Signorelli

Sam Signorelli began fencing at San Diego State in 1981. He has competed and directed at local and national level events in all three weapons. He teaches beginning foil as well as sabre. In addition, he is Swordplay's club armorer and in-house fencing equipment vendor. (SABRE, FOIL)

TJ Cencula

TJ Cencula began his fighting career in martial arts before coming to Swordplay Studios to train with Tim Weske.  In addition to his extensive combat background, TJ earned a BA in Film from Columbia College Chicago and uses his independent production experience to specifically shape stunt fighting for the screen.  He currently serves as a Stage Combat instructor with a specialized focus on film.

Victor Cervantes

Victor Cervantes started his fencing career at Swordplay in 2000, and teaches with an emphasis in Foil, with two years of Epee training. He has competed in Junior Nationals, Junior and Senior Pacific Coast Championships in Southern California and has recently fenced abroad in Spain. Victor teaches our Kids Competition Training class in Burbank and our Mixed Foil class in Granada Hills. Victor is also available for Private Lessons.