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Children's Jedi Lightsaber Academy

Jedi classThe Children's Jedi Lightsaber classes are a unique way for "younglings" to learn the art of fencing while enjoying themselves in the art and science of being a Jedi.  This class will work in a direction to help the child's strengths and reflexes.

The children also must keep a "Jedi Journal".  In this journal the Younglings will be asked to keep track of certain things such as homework, chores and respecting their parents.  These goals must be met and marked down by a child's parent. If on the day of class, a Youngling has a perfect "Jedi Journal", they will receive extra Jedi "Bling" points. Earning "Bling" points is done by attending class, and by bringing in a "Jedi Journal". Prizes may be bought with these points, ranging anywhere from 25 points, all the way to 300!

This is the Jedi way, and our Swordplay Younglings must learn their way through the course of training before they can become a true Jedi, while of course, having fun.

Questions about the Jedi Academy?
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