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Tim Weske's Swordplay Fencing Studio is bringing its "After School Fencing Program" to your school! You have seen your children swashbuckling at home, now you can give them a chance to do it for real in a safe environment.

All members of the Swordplay staff, party staff, school enrichment and camp staff, have gone through a thorough background check and are LIVE SCAN certified.

Multiple program themes to choose from:

For information and booking, please call 818-903-0200 or email at campenrich@swordplayla.com.

After School Fencing Program

Through fencing, children are able to integrate their mind and body; as a result, they gain balance, better reflexes, confidence, and self-esteem. They learn to fence through organized fencing games designed to be fun while they learn. The class is a fully enjoyable experience, and at the same time exposes the children to the sense of respect and discipline that have always been equally important aspects of the sport.

After School Fencing Program

Q: How long do sessions last?

A: Sessions usually run in 8 week blocks or more, depending on your needs.

Q: Is it safe?

A: Students are taught basic safety rules before they ever pick up a weapon. These rules are constantly enforced and proper safety equipment is worn for each activity (masks, jackets, etc).

Q: Are there levels for beginners and advanced students?

A: No. Fencing is a cyclical sport and children who are continuing from session to session will be honing the skills that new students are studying.

Q: Do we need to buy equipment for all of the students?

A: No. Swordplay Studio provides all of the equipment needed for the program.

We understand that each school's needs are different. For more information on how to book a fencing or stage combat program for your school, please contact:


After School Fencing Program

Program Themes

Jedi Light Saber Class

Swordplay Fencing Studio is excited to announce that they are now offering a Jedi Light Saber Class as an after school enrichment opportunity for children ages 5 and up!

During their Jedi training, the children will learn balance and focus as they are taught basic light saber moves and learn a choreographed fight which they will have to remember and build on each week. This class is creative in the respect that they are able to become their own Jedi character for the duration of the session - choose their own Jedi name and learn the way of the Jedi, acting with honor and courage.

Each class will entail them being physically active, learning in an educational setting with a professionally trained swordfighter, memorization of moves and choreography and using their imagination as they create a character and play Jedi games! At the end of their session, the students will have learned an entire fight scene to perform.

Our Light Saber class is both safe and fun. Swordplay will provide plastic light sabers for each student and they will wear a Jedi (fencing) mask.

Swordplay has been teaching Fencing enrichment programs in the Los Angeles community for sixteen years and all of our instructors are trained in the art of swordplay by owner and swordmaster Tim Weske.

Schools we currently have Jedi class in or have taught at:

Jedi Light Saber Class

Swords of the Centuries

GladiatorsThis action packed History lesson brings the great warriors and weapons of the past right off the page and into your classroom! Swords of the Centuries is an exciting and engaging way for your students to learn about the specific historical period they are studying from live swordfighters. The actor/educators will take them through each era, sharing facts about the weapons used, combat styles and warfare strategies, as well as the socio-economical and political effects various weapons had on society and the people living in those times. In addition to their history lesson, students have the opportunity to watch a live professionally choreographed swordfight for each period in history—right before their very eyes!

Swords of the Centuries is available for small classroom settings as well as large school assemblies. Programs are typically one hour in length and catered to your curriculum needs. Example topics to choose from are:

Swordplay for Shakespeare

MasksIs Shakespeare at it’s best without good, safe swordplay?

When Shakespeare wrote “they fight” it wasn’t just because he liked swordplay. He had a vision to use the sword fight as a vehicle to establish the characters and move the story.

Tim Weske’s Swordplay for Shakespeare has been designed to enhance the students’ study of Shakespeare by allowing the sword fight to help move the story with situation, theme and character in mind.

Mr. Weske has been teaching and choreographing fights for TV and film for nearly two decades. His experience is unparalleled in the industry, as he has choreographed thousands of fights and trained an extensive list of celebrities, such as Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Ben Kingsley and Laurence Fishburne. Mr. Weske is also the Fight Coordinator for the world famous Pasadena Playhouse. Footage from his TV and film work (Master and Commander, Last Stand of the 300, I Love You, Man, Angel and many more) can be viewed on-line at www.timweske.com.

Swordplay for Shakespeare is available in four to ten week sessions, meeting once weekly. The program entails the classroom teacher choosing scenes or dialogue from one of seven Shakespeare plays, which the students will have memorized prior to a Swordplay instructor coming in. All sessions begin with teaching students footwork, movement and sword work. From there, they progress to learning a choreographed sword fight (level of difficulty depends on length of program) rehearse the scene with dialogue and end out their session with a final performance. With the eight/ten week session, the students have the opportunity to work in more detail on their scenes, finding specific acting moments and further establishing character motivations within the swordfight.

For pricing and further information please contact:

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