How to Make Time for Fencing When Life Gets Busy

You’ve taken a free trial lesson, you’ve taken some lessons and classes, and you want to keep fencing. But you’ve run into a problem that most adults run into: Your busy schedule. Between work and family obligations, you’ve found it difficult to make it to the club consistently.

How do you make time for fencing when life is busy? It all comes down to intentionally carving out time and having a reliable accountability system.

Scrutinize How You Spend Free Time

The workday has ended or the weekend has begun. How do you usually spend those hours and days? Are you in the habit of exercising during your free time? Or do you default to screen time?

Remember that making time for fencing means choosing not to do certain things. Odds are there are things you do during your free time that you could spend going fencing instead. Identify those activities that you participate in on Saturdays or after the workday is over that you could easily replace with fencing.

Learn About Fencing Outside of the Club

One way to ensure that you go fencing after work or over the weekend is to spend your free time learning about fencing outside of the studio. Simply put, the more you learn about something and invest thought in it, the more likely you are to keep spending time with it.

For instance, you can study the history of fencing: how the weapons came to be, how the rules came to be, how it became a sport, etc. You can also study the elements of fencing that are directly relevant to your game. For instance, you can:

  • Review the rules of right of way (if you fence sabre or foil)
  • Learn how to direct a bout or familiarize yourself with fencing terminology
  • Watch videos from national and international tournaments (you can learn a lot by watching the pros and taking notes)

Make Time on Your Calendar

Odds are your smart phone has a calendar app. Leverage that tool to make time for fencing.

For example, if your fencing club has open floor time, you know that the studio is going to be busy on a specific day of the week at a specific time, block out that period on your calendar.

Start a Fencing Text Message Group

If you put fencing on your calendar, pick a time when people will actually be there. You can ensure you actually have people to fence by starting a text message group with other people from the fencing studio.

All you have to do is pick a day and time where you all agree to show up and fence each other. It’s also a good idea to have people “RSVP” the day of or the day before to ensure that they show up.

Setting up this informal accountability system, in addition to having a calendar reminder, can help you make time for fencing even when you get busy.

Take Classes and Private Lessons

On top of all that, you should take private lessons and attend fencing classes regularly. For instance, Swordplay LA has a variety of classes throughout the week, and you can schedule 30-minute private lessons with specific instructors. Having these sessions on your calendar will motivate you to actually come into the studio and fence with other people. Not to mention that you’ll be learning from a far more experienced fencer while you’re there!

If you’re new to fencing and want to do more of it, Swordplay LA can help you make it a habit. We have open fencing every Monday from 7:30-9:00, several adult classes to choose from, and plenty of great instructors who can help you get better at fencing and encourage you to keep going.

Visit the Swordplay LA website to learn more about our classes, stop by the club this Monday night, or book a private lesson today!

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