5 Reasons To Go To Swordplay LA’s Action Adventure Camps

Kids Jedi Summer Camp at Swordplay LA Fencing ClubWith school out and Southern California’s abnormally hot weather,  letting your kids stay indoors and veg out is, in the words of Darth Vader, “all too easy.” But summer is the time to try new and exciting things, so set them on an adventure!

Swordplay LA, a fencing club located in Burbank, California, has been providing unique and amazing summer camps and classes for over 25 years. Our Action Adventure Camps are a great way to stay active, have fun, and create new friendships.

Here are 5 reasons you should sign up for one of our awesome camps today.

Reason #1: Keep Your Kids Active

Our society is spending more and more time indoors. And as any parent knows, kids are less likely to get out and get active on their own the more they sit around.

Jedi Summer Camp at Swordplay LA Fencing ClubSwordplay LA’s camps keep your kid moving with fun, creative activities that bolster their imagination and their heart rate. With games like Muggle Quiditch in our Harry Potter camp or Sarlacc tag in our Jedi camp, kids don’t even realize how much physical effort they’re exerting because of how much fun they’re having.

Reason #2: Making New Friends and Learning Social Skills

When your child comes to camp, they get to meet and interact with various students from all over the Los Angeles area. Camp allows kids to relax and make friends easily since it’s free from school’s social expectations and pressures. A Swordplay LA summer camp is the perfect opportunity for your child to meet a new friend.Fencing Summer Camp at Swordplay LA Fencing Club

In our last Harry Potter Camp, we had two girls who had never met before declare that they were best friends by the second day. They were inseparable and have continued being friends outside of camp.

Working together for games and activities also teaches social awareness and exposes kids to fresh perspectives from people they had never met before.

Reason #3: Retaining What They’ve Learned

Repetition is the key to mastering any new skill. The same goes for learning spells or potions, lightsaber dueling, or harnessing the Force.

Jedi Council_Jedi Summer Camp at Swordplay LA Fencing ClubLet’s say your kid has never tried fencing before but wants to give it a shot. You could send them to one fencing class a week, but they’d have to get back into the rhythm every time they return. By taking a 5-day camp, your child gets an unforgettable crash course. They will speed through the fundamentals and get into the fun, action part of the sport within a day. That makes it easier for them to remember what they learned and inspires them to continue fencing beyond the summer camp.

Reason #4: Harnessing Their Imaginations

Harry Potter Summer Camp at Swordplay LA Fencing ClubSwordplay LA’s summer camps are some of the most unique and imaginative camps around. Our instructors have in-depth knowledge of all of the fictional worlds they cover — Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Ninjago to name a few — and make the students feel like they’re in these worlds. Even the kids in our fencing camps get a chance to storm the castle and duel like medieval knights.

Reason #5: It Gets Them Out Of Your Hair

We know you love your kids, but sometimes you need a break. That means finding something to keep them occupied while school is out. When your kids come to Swordplay LA, they have an amazing time and you get to do whatever you need or want to do.Professor Snape_Harry Potter Summer Camp at Swordplay LA Fencing Club

Instead of letting your kids duel each other with lightsabers in the living room, let an experienced Jedi teach them how to use those lightsabers properly. Or they can learn to make potions and conduct science experiments from Professor Snape (instead of making a mess in your kitchen).

You can also rest easy because all of Swordplay LA’s instructors are Live Scanned and have taught and interacted with hundreds of kids over the years. They create a welcoming, positive environment that will boost your child’s confidence and make them want to come back each and every day.

There are still spots open for select camps in August, so it’s not too late to have an action packed summer at Swordplay LA! Check out our full camp list and schedule at the Action Adventure Camps website or call me, Matt McVay, at (818) 903-0200.

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