What Values Can My Children Learn From Fencing?

I began fencing in 2003, mostly because I didn’t find that I excelled at any sports that involved a ball. When I was finally handed a sword, I was off to the races. Like many who are enamored with the sport, I trained at various clubs and participated in tournaments for several years.

I also gained skills besides fighting with a sword. I learned about respect, accountability, and perseverance, and I carry those values and others with me on and off the fencing strip.

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How to Make Time for Fencing When Life Gets Busy

You’ve taken a free trial lesson, you’ve taken some lessons and classes, and you want to keep fencing. But you’ve run into a problem that most adults run into: Your busy schedule. Between work and family obligations, you’ve found it difficult to make it to the club consistently.

How do you make time for fencing when life is busy? It all comes down to intentionally carving out time and having a reliable accountability system.

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Why Try Fencing In High School?

You’re in high school and you’re looking for a new sport. Or maybe you’re just looking for a sport, period. You have a lot of options: cross country, soccer, basketball — but since you’re here, you clearly have the wisdom to realize that fencing (the art of stabbing people for fun) could be a great choice, possibly superior to all of those other options.

Now you’re just looking for some definitive reasons to take the plunge. Well, there are four big ones.

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How to Maintain Your Fencing Gear: The Technical Stuff

“Can you fix my son’s weapon?”
“Sure…what problem is he having?”
“I don’t know…he just said it isn’t working.”

And thus starts a day of armory, diagnosing and repairing the gear. Sometimes it’s something easy, like a disconnected wire. Sometimes it’s a bit more challenging, like non-compatible parts being mashed together.

Sometimes you have an armorer at an event, but often you don’t, and knowing how to fix your gear will keep you on the strip (and scoring). With three different weapons, however, the art of armory isn’t exactly simple, and properly repairing your gear requires knowing how it works.

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Why You Should Try Fencing

Let’s get the boring part of this conversation out of the way first.

Me:  You should try fencing
You:  Fencing?  Like the wiggly, stabby, sword game?
Me:  Sure, if that’s easier for you to wrap your head around.
You:  Yeah… I guess that might be fun.  I never considered it.
Me:  I gathered.

Great. That’s done with. Now, if for some reason you’re here looking for home landscaping business tips you should just keep clicking. They’re here somewhere.

But if you’re that person who wants to know why they should try fencing, good for you! Here are the big reasons, short and sweet.

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