How To Prepare For Your First Fencing Tournament In 4 Simple Steps

You have registered for your first fencing tournament! What’s next? How do you get to optimal competition shape? The process of preparing for your first fencing tournament will require both mental and physical preparation.

Like most things in life, the more time you have to prepare the better you will feel on competition day.

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How to Maintain Your Fencing Gear: The Technical Stuff

“Can you fix my son’s weapon?”
“Sure…what problem is he having?”
“I don’t know…he just said it isn’t working.”

And thus starts a day of armory, diagnosing and repairing the gear. Sometimes it’s something easy, like a disconnected wire. Sometimes it’s a bit more challenging, like non-compatible parts being mashed together.

Sometimes you have an armorer at an event, but often you don’t, and knowing how to fix your gear will keep you on the strip (and scoring). With three different weapons, however, the art of armory isn’t exactly simple, and properly repairing your gear requires knowing how it works.

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6 Reasons To Take A Stab At Fencing

If you’re looking for landscaping tips, you’ve visited the wrong website. But if you’re looking for reasons to try the gentlemanly sport of fencing, you’re in the right place!

Fencing has been practiced since the sixteenth century. Once restricted solely to aristocrats, it’s now a modern Olympic sport that combines the elements of feinting, parrying, attacking, and riposting in a lightning display of dexterity. Fencing can give you the reflexes of a boxer, the muscle tone of a gymnast, and the strategic abilities of a chess master. The sport develops agility and speed as it builds strength and cunning.

And those are just the highlights of what makes the sport so great, but you’re here for more than just a summary. Let’s dive into the six big reasons you should take a stab at fencing!

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