Invest In Your Kid’s Future: Take A Stab At Fencing!

Children's fencing lessons are an investment in their success.

Children’s fencing lessons are a well-paved road to maturity.

Fencing teaches your kids strong values: They’ll learn to persevere, respect other people, and take responsibility for their choices. They’ll even pick up several useful life lessons, such as:

  • “Solve your problems one point at a time”
  • “You have to risk getting hurt to win.”
  • “Losing teaches you more than winning.”

Finally, your child will learn the soft skills that they’ll need to become successful adults. Their trip down fencing lane will help them look at the world objectively, take and give constructive criticism, and become prudent with their time.

The best part is that your kid won’t even know it’s happening! They just know that stabbing people is fun.

Let’s take a look at how your children’s fencing lessons will sneakily prepare them for adulthood.

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7 Simple & Effective Exercises for Practicing Fencing At Home

fencing practice at home

Practicing fencing at home keeps your game at its best.

Although practicing at home is inadvisable for beginners, you should definitely start doing some at-home fencing exercises once you’ve nailed the basics. After all, when you don’t practice at home, it’s harder to retain what you learn during your lessons and progressing becomes more difficult.

If you’re just fencing for fun and aren’t concerned with competing or even becoming the best fencer at your club, practicing fencing at home probably isn’t your first priority. But even if you belong to that crowd, you shouldn’t dismiss the importance of doing fencing exercises at home.

Practicing your fencing techniques at home cements what you learn from your coach, reinforces good habits, and makes you a better fencer. All that means more winning in the long run, and who doesn‘t like winning their fencing bouts?

No one, that’s who. So let’s get down to business: Here are seven ways you can practice fencing at home.

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6 Refereeing Tips Every New Fencer Needs to Hear

When someone asks you to referee a fencing bout, does your heart skip a beat? Does your mouth go dry? Do you suddenly forget how to speak?

Perhaps your reaction isn’t that dramatic, but you still agree to referee rather reluctantly. Like many novice fencers, you’re worried about following the action and you certainly don’t want to upset your club mates with a bad call.

Nevertheless, it’s crucial that all fencers learn to referee a bout competently. Learning to call out fencing actions accurately will enable you to leverage the rules of fencing when you’re on the fencing piste. Not to mention that getting good at refereeing fencing bouts will earn you serious reputation points at your club.

So we highly recommend that you volunteer to referee as many bouts as you can, but it would behoove you to learn how to do it well. As the saying goes:

Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent.

With that in mind, let’s discuss the mistakes you’re bound to make when you first start refereeing fencing bouts — if you haven’t made them already — and how you can avoid them.

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Don’t Practice Fencing At Home – Do These 3 Things Instead!

Swordplay LA can help your kids practice for fencing at home

Has your young child been fencing for a while, enjoys the sport, but struggles to keep up with other students?

Many parents have been in your shoes, and just like you, they’ve looked for ways to help their kids practice fencing at home so they can perform well at the club. You’re probably wondering if there are any drills or fencing games you can borrow from your child’s instructor. Even though it’s completely understandable that you’d want to do that, it’s not the best idea.

If your child is a beginner, the best thing you can do is get them involved in fencing-related exercises and activities that will lay the foundation for future improvements and a deeper passion for the sport. That approach will help them become healthier people and better fencers who are always eager to learn more.

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You Can Get A Fencing Scholarship With These 4 Steps

Did you know that many fencing scholarships go unused each year?

That’s true across differently sized universities, but it’s especially true for small schools with fencing programs that are just trying to fill their rosters. While not all of these scholarships will be full rides, they’re still worth a look. It’s definitely better than relying on student loans!

If you’re interested in learning how to get a fencing scholarship — of course, you wouldn’t be looking at this article otherwise — you’ll need to build connections with coaches. And the good news is that you don’t have to be a nationally ranked fencer to build those connections. Even regional and local competitors can get a fencing scholarship if they meet the right coach.

There are four stages to networking with coaches so you can get a fencing scholarship: doing your homework, introducing yourself, meeting the coach, and demonstrating your commitment.

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Fencing Lessons: A Perfect Activity for Adults and Kids!

You know what really brings a family together? Stabbing each other with metal rods, also known as the sport of fencing.

Sean and Ethan taking a private lesson with Tim Weske, owner of Swordplay LA.

Whether you or your kids have fenced before or any of you are new to the sport, taking fencing lessons together is a worthwhile family activity. It provides opportunities for you to bond with your kids, and you’ll get to see them mature and grow because of the sport.

To prove that point, we sat down with one of our Swordplay LA parents, Sean Upchurch, and talked to him about the lessons he takes with his son. Read on to learn how fencing has benefited their father-son relationship and how it can do the same for you.

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6 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Fencing

Have you ever paused to consider what life lessons fencing can teach you? Some lessons that might have already occurred to you could include:

  • Don’t underestimate women, old people, or fourteen year old girls.
  • When in doubt, go for the jugular.
  • Lefties are evil.

But seriously, when you’ve been fencing long enough, you’ll pick up life lessons that will help you land a good job or thrive as an adult. We encourage you to reflect on what fencing has taught you about life, but here are seven life lessons to get you started.

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Fencing Your Way Into College: The Essentials

Whether you’ve reached your junior or senior year of high school, you’ve probably started thinking about college (or maybe you’re just a really ambitious underclassman). Whichever group you fall into, you’ve given some thought to which university you want to attend. You’ve probably thought about your major, too. And even though you haven’t made any definite decisions, one thing is certain: You’d like to know how to get into college with fencing.

While we definitely recommend boasting about your fencing experience, you need to be strategic. Like any other part of your college application, getting into college with fencing isn’t as simple as waving a magic wand. You need to evaluate your fencing goals before including it on your college application.

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Here’s Why Swordplay LA’s Fencing Classes Are Perfect for Beginners

Are you dissatisfied with your current fencing classes? Maybe you feel like the class spends too much time with warm-up exercises. Or perhaps you think the class includes too many games and not enough fencing. But the bottom line is that you need a new fencing class where the students can improve and have fun.

Swordplay LA, a fencing club in Los Angeles, has a developed a new class system for people like you. Students are already demonstrating vast improvements and we have the stories to prove it. But before we get to those stories, you’re probably wondering: What makes these new fencing classes different?

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5 Reasons To Go To Swordplay LA’s Summer Camps

Kids Jedi Summer Camp at Swordplay LA Fencing ClubWith school out and Southern California’s abnormally hot weather,  letting your kids stay indoors and veg out is, in the words of Darth Vader, “all too easy.” But summer is the time to try new and exciting things, so set them on an adventure!

Swordplay LA, has been providing unique and amazing fencing summer camps to Los Angeles families for over 25 years. Our Action Adventure Camps are a great way to stay active, have fun, and create new friendships.

Here are 5 reasons you should sign up for one of our awesome fencing summer camps today.

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