Fencing Lessons: A Perfect Activity for Adults and Kids!

You know what really brings a family together? Stabbing each other with metal rods, also known as the sport of fencing.

Sean and Ethan taking a private lesson with Tim Weske, owner of Swordplay LA.

Whether you or your kids have fenced before or any of you are new to the sport, taking fencing lessons together is a worthwhile family activity. It provides opportunities for you to bond with your kids, and you’ll get to see them mature and grow because of the sport.

To prove that point, we sat down with one of our Swordplay LA parents, Sean Upchurch, and talked to him about the lessons he takes with his son. Read on to learn how fencing has benefited their father-son relationship and how it can do the same for you.

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Here’s How Fencing Can Teach Your Kids Strong Values

You want your child to pick up a sport not just so they can stay healthy, but so that they can learn crucial values that will turn them into great people once they grow up. But you’ve run into a problem: Sports that involve balls don’t seem to do it for them.

You’ve tried soccer, you’ve tried basketball, you’ve tried baseball. Maybe they don’t mind playing these sports in the backyard every now and then, but when you tried to put them on a team. . .well, you’ve probably heard this line more than once:

Do I have to go to practice this week?

And just when you ran out of ideas, you remembered that Olympic fencing is a thing, and that your child loves any movie that involves sword fighting! Their eyes absolutely light up and they can’t help but try to imitate the duels. You’re almost sure that they’d love fencing if they gave it a shot.

But there’s one nagging question keeping you from signing up your child for that free trial lesson:

What values can my kid possibly learn from whacking other people with a metal stick?

That’s a natural question for a parent to ask. After all, attacking someone with a weapon, even if it’s non-lethal, seems somewhat antithetical to learning how to be a good person. But ask any fencer or any coach and they’ll tell you that fencing taught them more than just how to stab people for fun.

Fencing can teach your child about respect, accountability, and perseverance. Let’s talk about how that happens.

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